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Digital record label BlockPlay sign Aussie girl band H3RIZON.

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In an exciting development to hit the recording industry, digital record label BlockPlay recently announced their first official signing H3RIZON.

Having amassed over 310,000 views of their video on YouTube for their first single and 1.8 million followers on the platform, the uber-talented Aussie girl group have been taking over the TikTok pop scene.

In a hit for these breakout Australian musicians, who sing like angels (take a listen to just one clip on their instagram feed!) - the girls saw a great spike in followers from South America because of Gusttavo Lima reposting their video to 40.7million of his followers also landing the girls 2 million+ views in less than 48hrs!!

Their KID LEROI Harmony breakdown is now at over 370k likes and a video posted a few days before (Riff challenge in 3 octaves) has 897k.


Going hand in hand with the group’s signing - BlockPlay is using digitial currency to transform how independent artists connect directly with their fans.

A success story all of its own, the label’s founder Wilson Olegasegarem (a.k.a. Wilsonn) outlines, “After the success of my own music NFT, we received an enormous amount of outreach from the music industry to do the same. We now have the capital to back up to twenty-five or so independent artists to produce and release exciting new independent music and innovative NFT collections.”

Olegasegarem’s vision for the next evolution of the direct-to-fan music industry is for artists to retain control of their own masters and for the digital label to provide the capital and cutting-edge technology to help support their career paths.

Offering further insight on why artists will be interested to jump in on BlockPlay, H3rizon’s managers Phil Anquetil and Kelvon Avon said, “H3rizon will be one of the first-ever artists completely powered by the blockchain…We’re no longer relying on the major labels to take a risk on our amazing artists - we’re allowing savvy fans and followers the opportunity to invest in digital collectibles…the merging of music, tech, NFT/Crypto can be the new model for artists success, and H3rizon are set to pioneer it!”

BlockPlay is designing a label-musician relationship that is aligned with artist’s financial interests and maximises their creative potential.

“BlockPlay is flipping the traditional record contract as you know it on its head," Olegasegarem says. "The new frontier of what a label looks like is here, and the model looks very different and promising for the future generation of talent to make an income straight away from digital collectibles! We are a group of artists and innovators in the tech realm and we are looking for innovators alike. We are calling out for artists, creatives, labels, fashion houses, designers, name it. The possibilities are endless with BlockPlay.”


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