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GOMEZ boys create uncontested, oxymoronic, sonic beauty - Canberra Theatre


Ian Ball and Ben Ottewell from the band Gomez will be returning for a set of stunning, intimate live performances, marking their Australian debut as a duo.

Featuring an eclectic array of work spanning across their 20+ year career, fans can expect to hear anything and everything from the warm, mellow sounds of their band works, to their accomplished solo careers.

Since their 1998, Mercury Prize winning debut Bring It On, England’s Gomez have consistently blown away their audiences. An amazing outfit whose sound makes you flow into the mind of your youth, and into the now - be it their loyal fanbase or lovers of quality music, this rare Canberra outing will modify you.

The presence of multiple, uniquely talented vocalists within Gomez has always been one of their primary strengths, setting them well aside from their contemporaries.

The powerful, soulful voice of Ottewell has always beautifully complimented the softly sung Ball, and when Gomez original Tom Gray’s presence is thrown into the mix, the three voices explode in musical passion of mythical proportions.

Ian Ball and Ben Ottewell of GOMEZ play the Play House, Canberra Theatre Centre: Sunday 5 June 2022. Tickets available.................................... here


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