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Lifting Up Female Voices: The Canberra Theater’s First International Women's Day Concert

By Erin Cross

The Canberra Theater Center is celebrating International Women’s Day by lifting up female voices in an exclusive concert on the 8th of March.

To help launch the first ever International Woman’s Day Concert, grunge rock band and

Canberra locals Moaning Lisa will be coming back to the capital to join in on the three-and-a-half hour experience.

The incredible lineup also includes neo-soul singer Kaiit, sound-artist Shoeb Ahmad and is headlined by indie rock supergroup, Seeker Lover Keeper. Comprised of Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and Sally Seltmann, Seeker Lover Keeper reformed in 2019 after almost seven years apart, releasing a new album that was met with critical acclaim, launching them into a sold out Australian Tour.

Moaning Lisa hasn’t released an album since 2018 but bassist and singer Charlie Versegi says the band is excited to come back to Canberra to add some indie and grunge vibes.

“We’ve been laying low with live music, we’re just trying to write and finish an album off but this came up and it was like you can't say no to something like that," she says.

"We just had to do it."

As the first International Women's Day concert in the capital, the mix of genres; from indie to grunge, jazz and pop is a celebration of women in Australia’s music industry. According to Versegi, the mix of different genres and voices makes the concert a showcase of diversity.

“It’s a really good thing for a female or a non-binary or a transgender artists to be seen in Canberra,” she says.

This year; the theme of International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual. The Canberra Theater Center is also hosting events during the day, opening its doors to speakers, thinkers, artists and performers who will be exploring the idea of “woman” before the concert closes the day with a bang.

Versegi admits this is a once in a life-time chance to play on the same stage as Seeker Lover Keeper and the other artists outside a music festival. Audiences will be wowed by the talent as they sit and watch the show.

Moaning Lisa

“You get seated tickets which I think is going to be a really nice chance for us to expand on the musicianship of things and not worry so much about the vibe of the crowd, as much as the physical energy as the emotional and spiritual energy that's coming from the music,” says Versegi.

When asked what the audience should expect, Versegi reliped “A showcase.”

“I think Kaiit taps more into like teenage, mid-twenties, inner city fans while Seeker Lover Keeper taps more into the older audiences with the folk edge while we’re all the people in between,” says Versegi.

“Shobe is this gorgeous experimental and lush sort of music. I’d almost consider her more of a producer than just a band or musician because she has a way of balancing different sounds and different ideas,” she continues.

Versegi believes it’s significant The Canberra Theater is shining a light on non-male musicians, giving them a voice on stage.

“I think it’s important to also point out that we have this sick line up of not only diverse genres, but diverse races, diverse sexual orientation, diverse fan bases and demographics,” she says.

Moaning Lisa are planning to debut new music, continuing to show their love for Canberra as the theater adds their voices to the powerful mix.

“I think that’s really commendable for Canberra Theater putting that on and prioritising lifting these voices. Even though all our voices are pretty loud in our own little worlds, I think it’s really important to have us all together.”

Visit or call the Box Office on (02) 6275 2700.


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