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New album: What SO Not #SuperFresh


There is nothing regular about Aussie producer extraordinaire What So Not, with the revered electronic artist returning today with sweltering gusto via new single Mr Regular, boasting iconic features courtesy of Razor scooter world champion Oliver Tree and rap legend Killer Mike (Run The Jewels). One of the undeniable ‘must hear’ musical moments in an extremely stacked 2022, the release today of Mr Regular also accompanies the long-awaited confirmation of What So Not’s sophomore album Anomaly, set for release on September 16 and available to preorder now.

Mr Regular brings together a trio of extremely seasoned artists, showcasing What So Not’s knack for crafting iconic riffs and sound design. Influenced by Dead Prez and Gorillaz for the effortlessly smooth outing, Mr Regular welds pristine production with heaving beats, lush melodics and unforgettable vocal outings across the board. With the hotly-anticipated track already previously whipping up a frenzy amid a leaked version finding its way online, it’s certainly been a labour of love to finally get to the point of release; but What So Not is more than ready to share this scorching track with the world at long last, as he explains.

It’s one of the biggest songs I’ve ever been part of, tied up in red tape for too long. I know how much the fans and community want this one”.

As for how one of 2022’s biggest musical team-ups came to be? What So Not’s own history working with Oliver Tree in his career’s infancy, previous work with Killer Mike and a shared understanding of personal and career hurdles ultimately shaped what Mr Regular would become, as What So Not elaborates,

“I showed Mike the demo after working on a bootleg/remix for his project Run The Jewels. Mr Regular is about the difficulty that we face through our childhood and career progression as clueless superior figures try to control and shape our path”

A squealing West Coast earworm with that classic What So Not sound, Mr Regular first grew its sonic legs with What So Not creating a demo with his LA housemate James Earl, before Oliver Tree dropped in to record and flesh out the track, and rounding out proceedings with What So Not recording with Killer Mike at the iconic Stankonia Studios in Atlanta. And while What So Not is no stranger to a regular collab in the studio alongside also busting out sizzling remixes, winning awards and snagging ongoing positive acclaim for his debut album, 2018’s Not All the Beautiful Things, it’s in 2022 that What So Not sits poised at his most polished and innovative yet; a fact laying in tantalizing wait on his impending new full-length Anomaly.

Inspired by travelling the world and exploring sounds globally just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic while consuming everything from the likes of Lil Peep to Jammer and Dutch electronic trio Noisia, Anomaly is set to be a cohesive journey of far-off adventures, self-discovery and scintillating electronic wizardry. But amongst the enticing tunes, the album is also aligned with What So Not’s dedication to important non-music issues, with What So Not recently announced as a finalist for the Environmental Music Prize.

Ultimately, immersive adventures overseas not only helped What So Not flex his creative muscles before heading back home to craft his newly-announced full length-album; they also helped shape his ongoing dedication to raising awareness for issues close to his heart, as he concludes,

Spending time in so many different countries, communities and cultures was such a reality check. We are so fractured and preconditioned to falsities. We have to care about our community and environment, and do what we can in our own circles to collectively protect and benefit everything outside of it. I spent a year travelling the world and exploring sounds.


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