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Profile local: Ginger Nuts

By Greg Gould

Ginger Nuts: Michael Galen-Mules, Patrick Galen-Mules, Nick Dennis and Ed Berry
Ginger Nuts: Michael Galen-Mules, Patrick Galen-Mules, Nick Dennis and Ed Berry. Photo by Greg Gould.

Local rock quartet Ginger Nuts are set to stir the Pot Belly on Friday 27 September. We sat down with the local lads to learn a bit more about their style, influences, and love of Minecraft.

Who’s in the band?

Ed Berry on Drums, Nick Dennis on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Patrick Galen-Mules on Rhythm guitar/ Lead Vocals, Michael Galen-Mules on Bass/Vocals.

How long have you known each other?

Ed, Nick and Pat went to school together. Michael is Pat’s little brother.

Where did your band name come from?

Pat and Michael have a ginger cat called Alan. His nuts are very ginger

When did the band form?

Ed and Pat started Ginger Nuts in 2017. Originally, we were a cover band with a different line up, but Pat wanted to get out and do some more gigs. Nick joined up after our third guitarist left. Michael was just going to fill in on bass until we found someone new to take the mantle full time, but he did such a good job we kept him on.

Use three words to describe your sound.

Very diverse influences.

Which are … ?

Ed: My influences? Ah, I really like Metallica. Actually, can you change mine to Motley Crue? Nick: For this band? The White Stripes. Michael: F**k, I dunno. Ed: Michael likes Muse. Michael: Yeah, probably. Pat: Jet, Arctic Monkeys. Very guitar driven rock stuff.

Do you write songs together or individually?

Usually, Pat writes the songs and then workshops them with Nick who scraps everything Pat likes and makes them better. Nick and Pat write the bass lines together and then we sit down and jam out the drum lines.

What are most of your songs about?

Ed: Minecraft. Nick: Pat’s love life. Ed: Yeah Minecraft. Pat: 90% of the songs I write tend to be about my love life. The rest are kind of me experimenting with different lyrical styles and ideas. Nick: Change mine to Pat’s shitty love life. Ed: Yeah, Minecraft.

Where do you see the band in five years?

Pat: We’ve been working on an EP, which we’ll be launching on 14 December at The Pot Belly. Hopefully we can get that out there and start building up our gigs. Nick: Probably dead. Pat: Nick’s gonna join the 27 club. Michael: Ed’s gonna be playing Minecraft. Ed: Don’t make me look like a nerd. Pat: He’s literally playing it right now.

Which band member is always late to rehearsals? What’s their excuse?

Probably Pat, even though they are at his house. Nick got bit by a dog once.

Where’s your favourite venue in Canberra to play?

Transit, Phoenix, The Basement.

Do you have any upcoming gigs?

27th September at The Pot Belly 17th October at Transit Bar 14th December at The Pot Belly (EP launch)

How can people find your music or get in touch?

Best way is through Facebook at


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