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The Angels are flying into Canberra for their 2020 Sideshow Tour

By Erin Cross

The Angels
The Angels

The Angels will be flying into Canberra as they tour pubs and clubs around the nation with Boom Crash Opera.

Canberrans will be treated to seeing one of Australia’s most iconic rock bands when they visit

Canberra's premier live music venue, The Basement, on March 6th.

The iconic band has been touring the country since January with the Red Hot Summer Tour, celebrating 10 years of Red Hot Rock with an all Australian line up. The Angels have their schedules jam packed until April and now they’re squeezing in something extra for the fans; the 2020 Sideshow Tour.

According to lead guitarist Rick Brewster, slipping in a few Friday nights and fattening up the schedule was an opportunity they couldn't refuse.  While the Red Hot Summer Tour has people rocking, the 2020 Sideshow Tour allows The Angels to interact more with their fans.

“The Sideshow Tour is an opportunity to play a full set compared to the reduced set with Hot Summer,” Brewster says.

“The Red Hot Summer Tour is seven acts in a day, you can't play for too long. At our own show we play for longer and so does Boom Crash,” he says.

Boom Crash Opera, a classic Australian pop rock band, will be joining The Angels on the Sideshow Tour, with Dale Ryder back as the frontman. Like The Angels, Boom Crash Opera are Australian musical icons - making the Sideshow Tour something not to be missed.

The Angels are looking forward to playing a more intimate and longer set with them in between the Red Hot Tour shows.

“We’ve done a few shows together already, it’s a fantastic band,” says Brewster.

Canberra locals are no strangers to the Aussie icons, they’ve played numerous shows in the Nation's Capital. Late legend Doc Neeson last played in Canberra in 2011 during Summernats but Dave Gleeson will be singing on stage this time, helping locals scream the lyrics to their favorite classics.

“We used to come to Canberra a lot in the early days, in the 70s and 80s. That was a fantastic show. Great crowds,” says Brewster.

Forty years later, The Angels continue to look forward to playing some smaller venues for their fans.

“We don’t get to Canberra every year,”  says Brewster.

“It’s a bit like Hobart, it’s not as often as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide. But it’s always good when we do it.”

While The Basement is small compared to a Sydney stage, the thrill is the same. Discussing the tour, Brewster says The Angels will slay through the classics but they also plan to throw a few surprises in as well.

And while there might be a few tilted halos, it won't be too long before Canberrans will be chanting along to the classic ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’.

Tickets are on sale now. Grab your tickets at


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